We want to make some waves out there on the water, and one way we can do that is by taking the world  speed record. If we can do this, we will gain more media attention, and that will give us a bigger platform from which to raise awareness by reaching a larger audience. One tool that we can use to help us achieve this is the boat, and if you want to go fast, it’s got to be a Rannoch….

Rannoch evolved organically from Charlie Pitcher’s passion for sea going adventure and the desire to excel in all aspects of ocean rowing. The sport has become hugely popular in recent years and continues to grow with events taking place worldwide. Upon completing the 2009 Trans-Atlantic Race, Rannoch’s first boat JJ beat the entire fleet and then went on to set the solo world record the following year. Rannoch’s second boat, Soma then smashed this record again soon after.

Providing these high quality and innovative boats to the ocean and recreational rowing communities have been driven by Rannoch’s proven track record.

Charlie Pitcher (Founder and Director)

Charlie’s background lies within professional sailing having competed as a youngster in the America’s Cup and winning the Admiral’s Cup twice thereafter. Charlie’s seagoing focus has shifted towards specialising in Ocean rowing. In 2009, he single handedly beat all other solo and pairs boats to win the Atlantic rowing race. This feat was surpassed in 2013 when he smashed the world record for the fastest unassisted solo row across the Atlantic by almost 6 days. Both crossings completed in Rannoch designs.

Phil Morrison (Design)

An internationally acclaimed naval architect and with 50 years’ experience, he is regarded as one of the best in the business. His past projects cover a variety of disciplines from the America’s Cup to world class dinghy designs, and now almost all existing ocean rowing boat designs in the world today are from his drawing board. Since 2007, Phil has worked closely with Charlie on various Rannoch designs, including Atlantic record breakers JJ and Soma.

Euan Seel (Production)

Euan is a highly experienced boat builder with over 30 years working and developing both complex composite and modern timber build methods. Euan formed Demon Yachts in the late 80’s to produce foils, one off racing dinghies and yachts and has also worked for a number of high quality East coast boat builders. He consistently provides a wealth of innovative ideas towards helping make Rannoch boats as effective as they are today.

Matt Lingley (Production)

Matt is a graduate of Southampton University’s Yacht Design course, after which he worked for a composite engineering company specialising in renewable energy prototyping, project management and engineering. Matt’s knowledge with the use of in house CAD/CAM capabilities coupled with CNC machining is invaluable towards key features such as weight optimization and durability.

Mike Wood (Equipment and Fit Out)

Mike Wood Marine is a boatyard based on the east coast specialising in the maintenance and repair of One Design Keelboats, racing dinghies and more recently ocean rowing boats. Mike has been responsible for the finishing of a number of medal winning boats for the Beijing and Athens Olympics. More recently preparing the world record breaking ocean rowing boats for Rannoch.