Raise awareness and funds for Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease


In June 2018, four British men plan to row their way into the record books by becoming the fastest four-man crew to row the Indian Ocean. Only half of the crews that have attempted the crossing have been successful – less than 50 people can claim to have rowed across the Indian Ocean. To put that into context, over 500 people have been into space, and Everest has been summited over 7,500 times.

  • They will row 3,600 nautical miles
  • Non-stop and unsupported in an attempt to beat current world record of 72 days
  • They will tackle extreme weather conditions and potentially face other dangers – sharks, tankers, serious injury etc.
  • They will burn 1,920,000 calories

The skipper Billy epitomises the modern-day adventurer. Not content with inspiring thousands during his record breaking Pacific Ocean Row in the inaugural Great Pacific Race, he has turned his attention to breaking the world speed record for rowing across the Indian Ocean, and in doing so, raising awareness of Young Onset Parkinson’s disease. With less than 50 people in the world having successfully rowed the Indian Ocean, Billy and the crew will be joining an elite list of adventurers, and I am delighted to support the Row the Indian Ocean 2018 crew in their landmark crossing.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes OBE - English explorer and holder of several endurance records

As part of the four-man Team ‘Battleborn’ in the Great Pacific Race, Billy and Barry have already inspired thousands who followed their progress through their upbeat blog posts. I know that in the months and years that have followed their successful completion of the World’s Ultimate Endurance Challenge, they have continued to inspire others, not only through their charitable work, but also in their humorous retelling of their encounters with the mighty Pacific Ocean.

They have continually shown good humour, determination and camaraderie which has, and continues to, excite and interest their followers and supporters from around the world. It was an honour to be part of their journey as their crew set not one, but two new Guinness World Records in the Great Pacific Race.

I have no doubt that their unique brand of storytelling will engage audiences all over the world as they take us with them on their challenge to break the world speed record for crossing the Indian Ocean.


Chris Martin - British explorer

We all find ways of defying our Parkinson’s. I make jokes about it. Robin Buttery has chosen to row across the Indian Ocean. I can’t help feeling my way is a bit easier. I am full of admiration for Robin, Billy, Barry and James. They are clearly four of the most incredibly courageous, inspirational and determined total lunatics on the planet.

Paul Mayhew-Archer - BBC scriptwriter and author

The boys have worked incredibly hard for this row – they’re driven and tenacious, which is crucial when undertaking a challenge of this enormity. They will be pushing their bodies to the absolute limit and the pressure on them to succeed will be immense. This is where their mental strength will be vital in overcoming any doubts or fears during the challenge. Having worked with Billy on his 2014 row across the Pacific, and with the pedigree that the crew already possess in the sport of Ocean rowing, I believe that they’re more than ready and I have no doubt they will succeed.

Professor Greg Whyte - former Olympian and renowned sports scientist

We had the pleasure of meeting Billy just before the Pacific Row Race and agreed to become a sponsor as the row provided the perfect testing ground for our durable watches. We deal with many athletes and ambassadors and Billy stands out from the crowd because he understands the commercial aspects of these kinds of arrangements and has been such a great asset for our brand. From writing content to providing photography it is amazing how he manages to do so much in addition to his role as a fire fighter and massive fundraising efforts for charity. Billy is one of those guys who does what he says and achieves more than promised no matter if it’s an extreme feat of endurance or arriving on time for a meeting. It’s a pleasure to be associated with him and I would suggest any organisation will get back more than they put in if they support him.

Ian Elliot - co-founder of “Animal” and CEO of Elliot Brown Watches


For the first time ever on an ocean rowing boat, the crew will be able to live-stream video during their crossing. It will provide an opportunity for visitors to their website, sponsors and friends and family to check in on them and see what life is really like on board an ocean rowing boat.  The equipment has been supplied by Marine Camera Solutions.