Our aim is to enable children and adults suffering neuro-developmental and co-ordination difficulties, brain injury, spinal damage or long-term neurological disorders to participate in physical exercise and rehabilitation programmes.

We raise funding to:

  • advance the treatment and care of children and adults with brain/spinal injuries, neuro-developmental and coordination disorders, learning difficulties and long-term physical disabilities
  • provide specialist equipment and rehabilitation facilities
  • fund research and education in clinical exercise and rehabilitation science

Spotlight YOPD is a UK-based charity – with a global reach – raising awareness and getting better treatment for people diagnosed with Parkinson’s at a younger age.

The aim of Spotlight YOPD is two-fold:

• To raise awareness of Parkinson’s as a condition that affects the young (under 50s) as well as the elderly – in a bid to get better treatment (whatever the postcode).

• To give the newly diagnosed the strength and support to stand up, be counted and help themselves – by working with their neurologist, PD nurse and GP.

The Cure Parkinson’s Trust is a patient led charity which funds research that will have an impact on the lives of the 10 million people living with Parkinson’s, with the hope of an eventual cure for the condition. We fund trials into potential new treatments to slow, halt or reverse Parkinson’s. Our mission is to obliterate Parkinson’s once and for all.

Help us fund research to slow, stop or reverse Parkinson’s.

The Cure Parkinson’s Trust (CPT) has always had people living with the condition at the very heart of its decision making process. CPT was co-founded by people with Parkinson’s and continues to draw on people’s experiences of living with the condition to shape its policies and activities.