As you know, Indian Ocean 17 are trying to promote a healthy lifestyle to those living with Young Onset Parkinson’s. But we all know that everybody should be trying to live healthily, so we thought that we could use the Indian Ocean Row as a catalyst to promote healthy lifestyles in schools throughout the country. And not only health. the Row should provide teachers with an event that could inspire kids to take an interest in a whole host of subjects. Oceanography, Geography, Meteorology, Marine life and Conservation. All of these will have an effect on the crew as they row their way across from Australia to Mauritius.

Because of this, we are offering schools the opportunity to link up with us and follow our progress as we row across the Indian Ocean

The media system that we have on board will not only enable us to live video stream, so that students can log on and be able to see what we are up to on a day to day basis, but our Skype chat capability will allow us to talk directly to children from the participating schools, allowing them to interact directly with the crew in real time, have a tour of the boat and hopefully feel like they are out there on the water with us.

We hope that this experience may also go a little way towards demonstrating that it doesn’t matter what hand life may deal you, you can always find a way to make a positive impact on your own life, and the lives of others…..